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Surfer Shot has the water sports gear for you, the ocean minded, including unique surf products ONLY found here. Check us out!

We started out on Surfer Shot selling all types of different waterproof cameras that fit the Surf Camera case. Soon after we began selling wetsuits and other surf accessories . The site quickly grew and we then added surf apparel & surfboards . As Surfer Shot went thru growing pains we were getting overwhelmed with orders that quickly went out of stock because our suppliers could not keep up. We then decided to work with Amazon to make sure that all surf shop items listed will always be in stock. This also increased consumer confidence in knowing that they are shopping with the best known secured site as well as the fastest shipping and the best free return policy. Amazon has given us the power to acquire and organize thousand of surf products and surf apparel for our surf store customers at the lowest prices in the surf market.

This online surf store is powered by Amazon bringing you the best in saving and the security of Amazon.

We promise you that your shopping experience with us will be affordable, quick and painless. Thanks for checking us out!

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