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Banner under account module: visible on every page and included in monthly digest email.
Max W: 175px, Max H: 90px.
$75 per month

Front page banner visible above the fold .
W: 200px H:200px
$30 per month.

Recommended member: top of member page (high percentage visisted page), also present on home page members module.
$5 per month.

Banner in Blog Posts
Banner in Forum Posts
Group Section
ad on all blogs
ad on all forums
your own Group section

Banner under every blog post:
Max W: 730px, Max H: 90px.
$10 per month

Banner under every blog post.
Max W: 730px, Max H: 90px.
$10 per month

Your own Group section, customised to your specification and with a permalink from the main navigation bar. This is a great SEO solution . The Groups have their own Discussion Forums, Comment boxes & RSS. You can add unlimited pages. It's like having your own social website!
One time fee of $50.00.

Surfcams- Entire Region
Surf Reports- Entire Region
Featured Video
Surfcam Page Ad
Surf Report Ad
your video ad featured

Banner under surfcam: Max 468 x 60 or to the left of surfcam: Max 160 x 600. Ad will be seen on every surfcam page for the region (ex. There are 20 surfcams in the San Diego region) Contact us for pricing

Banner on every surf report for the region you choose: Max 160 x 600px
Contact us for pricing
Featured video on video page.
$5 per month.
Free Advertising
Advertorial and other
There are a range of ways we can promote you, your business or services through sponsored content, blogs and articles. Please get in touch for more information.
FREE - Profile page. All you need to do is sign-up & create your company profile. Takes only 30 seconds! Create NOW .
You can then add your videos, pictures, rss feeds and full html of your choice. You can paint your page with your own css. FREE!

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